Mackie SRM350

Mackie DL1608™ Digital Live Sound Mixer redefines live sound mixing by combining the proven power of a full-featured 16-channel digital mixer with the unmatched ease and mobility of an iPad.

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‘Psst, mate…. over ‘ere … you wanna look at what I got?

Don’t look so scarred mate! You’re a musician type in’t ya?

Yeah, well, how about you stand me a pint and I’ll show you summit that’ll knock your muso socks off!

Hmmm, thanks. This’ll be worth your while though, just ‘ave a look at this!

Yeah, I thought “wow!” too! What is it? Well now, what we have ‘ere is a Mackie DL1608, the most advanced, state of the art “not-available-in this county-yet” mixing desk you can’t get. Yup, it’s that state of the art!

What’cha mean, “Where’s all the faders and things?” I told ya, this is state of the art! Ya do the actual mixing on your iPad thingamajig... see, it slots in neatly just there, with good strong lock-down mechanism so people like m... er… unscrupulous types don’t wander off with it… you know, by accident like…

Even better mate, and get this, up to ten iPads can connect up to the mixer at the same time… wirelessly! That means you en’t tried to that big lumbering desk you types are used to, but can mix from wherever you want in your venue. In’t that just something?

Using your iPad lets you record your mix directly from the mixer’s stereo outputs, so you can share your what’cha call it?... your mix, with all your muso friends on Facebook or that new-fangled Soundcloud thing. Not only that, but you can use any music from any of your iPad apps as a pre-show sing-song or backing track . The thing that impresses me most though mate, mebe ‘cause I’m not a clever type like you clearly is, is you can use photos on you iPad hard drive or that you take there and then of band member and the like, and use them as channel images! Well… I like it!

But it’s not all just about that swanky iPad mate, not at all. Wot you’ve got ‘ere is a very solid bit of high-tech hardware. There’s sixteen mic preamps filled with Mackie’s studio-grade “onyx” technology, making sure the music sounds sweeeet. Now the electrics…  just let me get my notebook out and have a look…. ok, yeah, twenty-four-bit Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters with a 114dB dynamic range…. Whooeeee, that’s gonna make things sound good however loud it is and… let’s see…  oh yeah, there’s loads of digital processing type things built in, like a 4-band equaliser, compression and gate plug-ins, a thirty-one band EQ, limiter, reverb and well, oodles of stuff mate, just thinking about it is making me thirsty…

Why, thank you squire, you are a gentleman. Your good health!

Now, where was I? Oh yeah... well mate, there’s so much more I can ‘ardly remember it! ‘Ow ‘bout channel presets assignable at the touch of a finger, your own or built-in, total snapshot recall so you can easily save an recall all your complex mix setting for different venues and…

Why yes, I think it amazing how small and compact it looks too…

Not a chance mate! But word on the street is them folks at London Disco Hire ‘ave managed to get one of these babies’ out of Mackie in advance of the UK release date! Don’t ask me how, but I wouldn’t waste time getting ‘old of them, so you can get your ‘ands on a Mackie DL1608 beauty like this, ASAP!’

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